Bike rides from Jurbise




From VELOBOUCLES to JURBISE, an initiative of the PCS

There are so many good reasons to encourage the use of bicycles: it's fast, "cheap", beneficial for health and the environment, for the local economy, for conviviality! A real social benefit!

But also cycling is freedom and discovery! In this dynamic, we are happy to offer you VELOBOUCLES whose GPX track can be downloaded using a QR code.

Illustration Boucle 1

Nice discovery and nice hike.

For the PCS, Vincent Chanoine.

List of loops:

  • Loop 1: "Towards the Masnuy" (DOCX , PDF or GPX )
  • Loop 2: "The Four Bell Towers" (DOCX , PDF or GPX )
  • Loop 3: "The walk of Zakaria" ( DOCX , PDF or GPX )
  • Loop 4: "Basil's promenade" (DOCX , PDF or GPX )
  • Loop 5: "Le Château de Louvignies" ( DOCX , PDF or GPX )
  • Loop 6: "From the castle of Herchies to the castle of Beloeil" ( DOCX , PDF or GPX )
  • Loop 7:"Journey of our rural entity" ( DOCX , PDF or GPX )
  • Loop 8: "At the sources of the Dender" ( DOC , PDF or GPX )
  • Loop 9: "Pairi Daiza" ( DOC , PDF or GPX )
  • Loop 10: "Jurbise - Papignies - Ath - Jurbise" (PDF or GPX )

Following the training organized this Wednesday, August 25, 2021, you can download the presentation if you wish.

You will also find the instructions for use of Guru Maps (the software used) for the Android version and the iOS version.

The translation of the manual is provided by Google Translate. It is possible that the latter is sometimes approximate.